Skin I’m In Models and Film Pty Ltd ACN 601 006 526 t/a Skin+Pepper Model and Film of Suite 38, 278 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3125 Australia is a talent Agency, engaged in the business of introducing models (Artists) to clients. Skin I’m In Models and Film Pty Ltd is the Agent of the Artist.


Booking fees are charged per hour, half or full day or other negotiated rate.

Overtime will be charged if job runs over 20 minutes or more into the next hour, resulting in a full hour fee.  Our rates are valid for twelve months only, unless otherwise agreed.

Sleepwear is charged at Time and a Half of Artist’s normally hourly rate. Underwear is charged at Double Time of the Artist’s normally hourly rate. Requests for underwear work must first be agreed between the Agency and the Artist.

Booking Fees aka Agency Service Fees

All service fees are mandatory and charged on all bookings made with the Agency for all Artists and is non-negotiable for the purpose of making a booking. Fees are calculated at 15% (excluding GST) or 16.5% (including GST) of the total Artist rate for all jobs including usage fees and is payable on the total Artist fees for all jobs.

Overtime Rates

Monday to Saturday - Time and a Half of the Artist’s normal hourly rate.

Sundays and Public Holidays – Double the Time of the Artist’s normal hourly rate.  A special rate is negotiated after 11pm and before 7.00am

The Working Day

Normal working hours are between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday, and penalty rates apply outside these hours. For bookings over 8 hours, a guaranteed Day Rate will need to be negotiated at time of booking.

The total hours that Artist is booked for is the minimum hours that Artist must be paid for. If a job finishes prior to the originally booked time, Artist must be paid for the original hours booked regardless of whether the job was completed early. If a job takes longer than the originally booked hours then overtime/penalty rates will apply. If the total hours for a booking are reduced by the Client with less than Two Working Days’ Notice, cancellation fees will apply.

The Agency does not charge half hours.


Additional fees are payable for the right to use the Artist’s image or reproductions, or adaptations of, or drawings derived from that image, or any other representation of it, either complete or in part whether alone or in conjunction with any wording or other images, photographs, drawings or anticipated purposes which are in addition to and outside the scope of the initial permitted use, as detailed in the booking confirmation form.

Use of an Artist’s image or its reproductions, or adaptations, or drawings derived from that image, or any other type of usage such as magazine inserts, show cards, social media and the internet, posters etc, will all attract an additional fee which will be in addition to payment for each Artist’s shoot time.

Depending on the usage required, additional fees will be negotiated separately for each type of usage.

Where the client is a photographer, they are not permitted to use Test Photography for any commercial purpose unless specific arrangements have been made with the Agency in writing.  Photo approval for portfolio use by photographer must be attained from Agency.

Holding a Booking

All work requests will be released twenty-four hours prior to booking unless job is confirmed by client signing and returning a booking confirmation sheet that has been provided by the Agency.


In all cases, a cancellation fee that is one hundred percent of full fee will apply if the client cancels within twenty-four hours prior to commencement of job.

Weather Hold Days 

If weather is bad, on the first occasion of cancellation, no fee is due.  On the second and subsequent cancellations for the same job, the full fee is due.

All cancellations are full fee if the client fails to cancel in time to prevent the Artist’s attendance in which case the full booking fee is charged and payable by the client.

Rehearsals, fittings, hair, make-up, wardrobe checks and recalls

Full hourly rates apply, unless otherwise negotiated.

Travel Time

A full hourly rate will be charged for an Artist who must travel more than a ten-kilometre radius of a CBD.


Clients are responsible for the provision of all meals and beverages whilst the Artist is providing services to the client on all bookings.

Product Exclusivity and Restrictions

If a client is requesting to book an Artist on a non-exclusive basis and requires that Artist to be excluded from Artist services that may relate to competing products, a higher fee will be charged.  Please note that it is the client responsibility to check all product bookings with us for any conflicts.


Should there be any cause for complaint during the booking, the client should notify the Agency as soon as it arises or immediately thereafter.

Insurance and Taxation

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they have adequate levels of Workers Compensation Insurance and all other appropriate insurance such as Public Liability to cover all Artists at all locations, including travel to and from a location.  The Agency is not the Artist’s employer but acts as an Agent for and on behalf of the Artist. The Australian Taxation Office regards the end user of the Artist’s services as entering into a contract of employment with the Artist/ Unless otherwise agreed with the Agency, the client is responsible for all taxation obligations associated with each job.


In most cases, client is liable to pay 9.5% superannuation on bookings (including loadings but excluding rollovers), unless otherwise agreed.

Goods & Service Tax

Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be charged at the Government set rate (currently 10%) on the Agency Service Fee.

Payment Terms

Full payment is required within 14 days of invoice date.

Last updated: February 2019