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Commes Des Revolution – #whomademyclothes
(all photos sourced via @fash_rev)

(all photos sourced via @fash_rev)

We’ve just wrapped up Fashion Revolution Week 2019.

You might have seen the ever-growing hashtag ‘#whomademyclothes’ rampant across social media platforms. And like a call and response at your favourite artist’s show, brands are responding with ‘#Imadeyourclothes’.

So what exactly is Fashion Revolution Week, who’s behind these harmonised hashtags, and why is it important?

The international movement came to fruition after the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh. An industry disrupting moment that highlighted the consequences of being an unconcerned and detached consumer. A tragedy that highlighted how we as consumers, alongside producers and brands have a responsibility to take better care of the people and the environment impacted by our frivolous purchasing decisions.

Annually, the two organisations that represent this whirlwind movement (Fashion Revolution CIC and the Fashion Revolution Foundation) run the harmonised hashtag campaign across social media; with the intention to change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed.

Skin + Pepper Fashion Revolution

They push for collaboration between all those who contribute to putting clothes in your wardrobe, including you. And beyond that, they push for brands to operate with complete transparency with their supply chain. Like true industry disruptors they only lead by example, as their website displays in plain sight how they are funded, alongside all Financial Statements leading back to 2015.

Allowing another incident like the Rana Plaza collapse to happen would insinuate that as brands and consumers across the globe, we care more about how we look and what we wear than we do the quality of life for some.

A complete change in behaviours from farmer to consumer is what we need to ensure that we’re not sacrificing lives for new jeans. Fashion Revolution and the week long, global campaign that they run is pivotal to not only helping us make better decisions, and smoothly transition into a more mindful approach to our beloved industry, but also serve as a digital community and network for us all to plug into.

Skin + Pepper Fashion Revolution Social Campaign

But what does this all mean?

In short, it means that consumers are ready for ethical practices across the industry, and organisations like Fashion Revolution are providing the resources, knowledge and pathway for brands to be able to.

– Kyah Parrott

LAFW: Nicholas Mayfield

After three very short days, LA Fashion Week is over.

While our home base is here in Melbourne, Australia, we’ve kept a close watch on the happenings of eclectic LA.

Home of the classic ‘heroin chic’ style that’s taken the world by storm, and been adopted and appropriated thrice over– there’s no denying that LA’s fashion scene is one to tune into.

Naturally, a quick social media peruse will update you on the who, the what, the where, and the ‘why the hell not’. So, on a lazy Sunday, with phone in palm and snacks never too far away, I went in for the investigative Instagram scroll. My findings? Say hello to Nicholas Mayfield.

(photo sourced via

(photo sourced via

Mayfield is an artist and designer that just had his own showcase in LAFW.

He started off as a cut and sew designer at his own label SOULFUL COMMANDOE, before revisiting who he aspired to be as a child–a painter. He now creates a beautiful fusion of the two, and works with big names in the entertainment industry like Drake, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, E-40 and Lil Wayne to name a few. Under ‘who am I’ on his website, he describes his inspiration:

“My work originates from Black History, Americana with the raising of in the boom of skateboard and hip-hop culture. From the very racial strong 80s/90s of being a black male during the crack, gang and strong prison era.”

A concept that we see take form in his art and clothes.

(photo sourced via

(photo sourced via

Though his website speaks frequently of the ‘Warhol effect’ and everybody getting their 15 minutes of fame, I’m going to take a guess– we’ll be seeing a lot more of Nicholas Mayfield in the minutes, months and years to come. After all, Nicholas Mayfield Over Everything, no?

– Kyah Parrott