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Profile Highlight - Diet Prada

It’s a trending topic just as much as it is cyclical. And like the seasons, it keeps coming back around. The concept of appropriation across the industry, whether it be from a cultural standpoint, or a creative stance just won’t go away.

There’s a fine line between appreciation and appropriation. One involves being inspired by a piece of work and applying bits and pieces of the concept to your own, crediting those who are due; whereas the other involves simply taking the concept and mimicking it.

They say there is no such thing as an original idea, and the constant consumption of media through social channels makes it all the more difficult to tune into your own reality and draw content from your own experiences. But where there’s a will (and a genuine conversation to be had) there most certainly is a way.

Independent designers have it tough. The barriers to entry for the industry can take lots of time, lots of money, and lots of persistence to break down. And once your foot is in the door, there’s a world of business out there that takes equally as many resources to understand and operate within. As a result, patents aren’t entirely accessible to those whose sole focus is to create something original, and bring a concept to life. Subsequently, the end result is easily ripped off, appropriated, and sold for a fraction of the price by brands who really should know better.

Never fear, fashion fans. Diet Prada is an Instagram hero that calls out big and small brands alike. After all– credit where credit is due, right? On Diet Prada’s page nobody is safe, except for Naomi Campbell who is truly cherished and rightfully so #iconic. To keep up with the latest scandals from H&M to Haute Couture powerhouses, click here. Not sure what you’re in for? More of this:

(photo sourced via @diet_prada)

(photo sourced via @diet_prada)

“Are we seeing triple?  The @clermonttwins are serving Kim K replica “realness” in platinum tresses and shameless bootlegs of a @laquan_smith zipper-back dress from @fashionnova .  An odd move considering they’ve supported LaQuan in the past by wearing his designs and walking in his shows. With AsSeTs like theirs, would you trust the zipper on the $19.97 version?”

– Kyah Parrott